BYLAWS (Revised December, 2014)

PQ Democratic Club 

Article I – Name
The name of this organization shall be the Rancho Peñasquitos Democratic Club, hereafter referred to as the PQ Democratic Club.

Article II – Purpose
Section I – Democratic Ideals
The purpose of this club shall be to foster democratic ideals by stimulating active interest in the Democratic Party, to support the party platform, contribute to party leadership and responsibility, to provide a constructive role for the volunteer in Democratic politics and to promote an activist base.

Article III – Membership
Section I – Eligibility
Anyone registered as a Democrat or who is ineligible to vote (due to age, non-residency or other legal impediment) but pledges to register as a Democrat when eligible and supports the purpose of the Club as stated in Article II above shall be eligible for membership in this club.

Section 2 – Good Standing
Anyone eligible to be a member of this club and whose annual dues are currently paid shall be a member in good standing. Any member whose actions are judged to be prejudicial or detrimental to the club by the Executive Board may be expelled from membership by a two-thirds vote at any general meeting at which a quorum exists.

Section 3 – Dues
Dues shall be recommended by the Executive Board and reviewed at the first meeting of each calendar year.

Dues are due on January 1 and payable by January 31 of each calendar year. Annual dues for new active member shall be prorated on a monthly basis. Payment of dues shall not be obligatory to anyone for whom it constitutes an economic hardship after consideration and approval by the Executive Board.

Dues in an amount set by the membership shall be due and payable upon joining the club and annually at the beginning of every calendar year thereafter.

Section 4 – Voting
Any member in good standing who has attended at least on prior meeting shall be eligible to vote. No proxy voting shall be permitted.

Article IV – Officers
Section 1 – Elected Officers
Elected officers of this club shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Each shall be elected at the general meeting in January and hold office for 2 years. An elected officer may be removed from office by resolution of a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members at a General meeting for causes including, but not limited to, missing three unexcused consecutive meeting, or non-performance of duties. The member and the officer shall be notified ten days (10) in advance of the meeting of the proposed action against the officer.

Section 2 – Duties

  • President

The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the club. She/he shall preside over all meetings of the club and the executive board; make appointments to other positions as required; and act as official spokesperson of the club. In addition, the President should stimulate active interest in the political process, provide a constructive role for the active volunteer; contribute to effective leadership and individual responsibility; and promote harmony among the club membership, between other clubs and within the San Diego County Democratic Party. The President will attend the SDCDP meetings and Area meetings as the named Associate Member unless she/he already holds membership in the club and the body will elect an Associate Member to represent the club for that purpose.

  • Vice-President

The Vice-President shall serve at the direction of the President. She/he shall preside at meetings if the President is unable to do so, or is requested by the President to do so. The Vice-President shall take over the duties of President in the absence of that officer and is responsible for the annual audit.

  • Secretary

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the general meetings, executive committee meetings, conduct correspondence, maintain the club’s records and is responsible for internal communications.

  • Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of dues, receive and deposit all club funds received; maintain an accurate record of club receipts and expenditures; sign all checks as authorized by the Executive Board; make a record of club receipts and expenditures available to any member when requested; provide an annual written report of club financial status; make the books and all other financial records of the club available to the audit committee each year in May. In addition, the Treasurer shall be responsible for filing FPPC/FEC financial report on time as required.

Section 3 – Elections
Elections shall be held bi-annually. The members shall elect 3 members (3) to serve on a nominating committee. The nominating committee shall elect at least one candidate for each elective office and report their selections at the next general meeting. At that meeting the floor will be open for additional nominations and a secret ballot will be held. Those nominees who receive a majority vote shall be declared elected. If no person receives a majority of votes cast, a run-off shall be held between those two persons receiving the greatest number of votes. The person receiving the majority of the votes shall be declared elected.

Section 4 – Vacancies
Should an officer resign or fail to attend three (3) consecutive meetings or Executive Board meetings without cause approved b the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall declare that office vacant and appoint a successor to that office to complete the unexpired term. Any such appointment shall, however, be approved by the membership at the next general meeting. At that meeting, nominations to fill the vacancy shall also be accepted from the floor. Voting shall be by secret ballot with a majority of those members in good standing present required to elect.

Section 5 – Appointed Officers
The President shall appoint a parliamentarian and any other officers not otherwise specified by these bylaws as required for the general business of the club. The appointed officers are not part of the Executive Board.

Article V – Meetings
Section 1 – General Meetings
There shall be a minimum of six (6) general meetings each year, at least on (1) of which shall be held in January. Other general meetings hall be held at such times and places as specified by a majority of the Executive Board.

Section 2 – Quorum
A quorum at any general meeting shall be 15% of the members and include those whose membership is in good standing. A quorum of the Executive Board shall be by a majority of its elected members.

Section 3 – Parliamentary Authority
The Parliamentarian shall be in charge of enforcing the Robert Rules of Order throughout the meeting and require that the bylaws of this body are followed.

Section 4 – Notices
At least ten days (10) prior to a general meeting the following items will be discussed and voted upon:

  • Club elections and filling of vacancies
  • Proposed amendments to bylaws
  • Proposed resolutions
  • Endorsements of candidates and/or ballot measures

Meeting notices should be mailed to each member of the club in good standing. Such notices shall specify the time, place and date of the general meeting and describe the event.

Article VI – Executive Board
Section 1 – Function
The Executive Board shall approve all expenditures and carry out the club business between general meetings in a manner consistent with actions taken at the general meetings and perform any other duties provided for in these bylaws. The President shall pre-approve any written correspondence on behalf of the club. The President shall be the sole spokesperson of the club.

Section – 2 Membership
Membership of the Executive Board shall include all of the currently elected club officers and current Committee Chairs.

Section – 3 Meetings
The President shall call a meeting, with advance notice of the Executive Board as needed. Special meetings may be called by a majority of the currently elected members of the Executive Board at any time. A majority of the then currently elected members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.

Article VII – Standing Committees
The standing committees for the club shall include both Audit and Nominating committees. Other committees may include Political Action, Membership, Fundraising, Program, Special Events, Communications, Hospitality and others as identified by the President.

Article VIII – Candidate Endorsements
• All endorsements of candidates or resolutions concerning ballot measures or public issues must be in accordance with the standards established by the California State Democratic Party and the San Diego County Democratic Party. It is also the tradition and stated goal of the Club not to make endorsements or to pass resolutions which will adversely affect the unity of the Democratic Party.

• Only candidates who are registered Democrats are eligible for Club endorsement.

• A motion to endorse a candidate or take a position on a Proposition or public issue must receive the vote of a majority of the Club members present. The quorum necessary to adopt a motion shall be 25% of members or one fourth (1/4) of the total paid up membership, whichever is less.

Article IX – Affiliation
The club shall affiliate as an associate member of the County Democratic Central Committee and pay the current annual fee.

Article X – Amendments
These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote at a general meeting after such amendment has been presented at the preceding general meeting and notice has been provided as specified in Article V, Section 4 of these bylaws.

Article XI – Adoption
These bylaws shall become effective immediately upon their adoption and shall be the governing rules of the club.

President – Melinda Vasquez
Vice-President – Lisa Merserau
Treasurer – Armand Bryant
Secretary – Zachary Tanton

BYLAWS – Revised December, 2014